The science of cooling by rapid evaporation

Evaporation is a process which involves a liquid changing to a gas. When a liquid evaporates it loses the warmest particles first and the remaining particles are cooler. The coolant liquid in the bandage draws the warmest particles, the heat and inflammation, away from the deeper tissues, which results in the cooling effect.


Physicool: How it works

physicool is a unique cooling bandage infused with physicool Coolant. The coolant draws heat away from the affected tissues by rapid evaporation. While the deep tissues are cooling down, the simultaneous compression effects of physicool modifies the inflammatory response to soft tissue, helping healing and recovery. Each physicool bandage will facilitate cooling for up to 2 hours. The cooling benefits of physicool outlast those of ice packs, sprays or gels.

Physicool cooling with open-cell technology

The physicool bandage has been scientifically developed to bind the coolant to the surface of the bandage and ensure a sustained delivery of the coolant for two hours plus. This is achieved through the unique weave of the bandage which employs open-cell technology which traps the coolant in the ‘cells’ and releases a continual cooling effect. More coolant can be sprayed directly into the bandage if a further period of cooling is required. There is no need to remove the bandage to do this, due to the exceptional binding effect of physicool.